Internship at D. E. SHAW INDIA SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED – Medha from MNNIT Allahabad


Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction. Medha (the girl at the extreme right) is pursuing IT engineering and shares her wonderful experience of internship days.

My first step into the corporate life, started with my summer internship at D.E. Shaw India. I landed on Hyderabad airport, with so many plans for the coming 2 months. I have been imagining all this since I received the news of my selection for the internship. It was a campus selection from my college, NIT Allahabad, and two of us were selected, based on the academic performance and two rounds of technical interviews. And this is how I expected it to be: I will be surrounded by nerds from top colleges, and I will have to do some projects with a cruel-looking manager who would keep asking me about work and reports.

So, the first day, dressed in formals, I entered the office full of enthusiasm to meet new people and learn new things. After completing all the joining formalities, I was handed over a set of booklets, and a big and dangerous-looking project title, of which I had the least clue. “Yes, this is no easy task; I will put all my efforts, work in the weekends; I want a good reputation here”, all these things occupied my mind while I was staring at the 8 weeks plan for the project. Damn! This is gonna be tough!

A series of induction programmes followed, where they introduced the policies of the organization. I met some important people of the organization. But all this time, my attention was just on the flawless English they spoke. How can they be so perfect!

And now it was time for the much awaited office tour. It looked beautiful. Right from the colourful chairs, to the carpets, to the glass partitions, to the large cafeteria, and the decorated coffee areas, everything looked just amazing. And yes, the top-most floor was just for the games: TT, Snooker, Foosball, Badminton, Squash, and what not. It also had a big gym, bathing arrangements and even a sleeping room. What else does one want!

So, after this great office tour, my work started. Contrary to my expectations, my manager looked like a college student. Fortunately I was put into a team which was hard-working but fun-loving at the same time. I had to address everybody by their first names, irrespective of their position in the company. This was a new thing for me. The work culture was informal, with flexible work hours and innumerous facilities. This was the reason people were very efficient, and enjoyed their work in the company. When they worked, they worked with full devotion. Occasional office parties were held, which helped in some informal interactions with the colleagues.

With the progress of the project, I found it to be more and more interesting. Even looking at people’s work was a big motivation for me. They knew so much! The regular meetings held in conference rooms, the presentations and interaction with new people played an important role in improving my overall personality.

As the internship ending date came closer, every moment seemed to be precious. I worked harder to complete the project and documentation on time. I interacted more with people, had uncountable photographs clicked, and tried to make the best of every minute. Little had I thought that I would meet such amazing people in this journey. Yes, I will miss these 2 months a lot!

And now, fortunately I have received a pre-placement offer from the same company. After a year, I’ll go back with more motivation and enthusiasm to give my best. Hyderabad, I am coming!

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