Internship at Dr.S.R.Chandrashekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing – Roshan

Internship at Dr.S.R.Chandrashekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing

Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit. Roshan shares his learning experience of internship days.

My name is Mohammed Roshan and I have completed bachelor in speech pathology and audiology from Dr.S.R.Chandrashekhar institute of speech and hearing. I started my Internship in the month on august 2014. I was very excited to do the internship because we were to be posted outside our institute and set up in different hospitals, special schools and research Centers. Internship is the year I had been waiting for because this was the last and most important year of my degree where I would get to learn a lot of stuff regarding speech pathology and audiology practically and in a wider perspective and secondly with this I would be completing by Under Graduation.

Firstly in our internship we were posted in hospitals, special schools and research Centers and our college for 2 months. I started my Internship in our college only were I got to learn a lot of stuff as compared to my regular posting during the first three years because I had to spend more time in the clinics i.e full day. In this span of two months in the college I got to see lot of cases and was very much excited with it because I had been given the opportunity to learn a lot of things than before.

After my college postings I was posted in a diagnostic and research center by the name of Spastic Society of Karnataka for three months and this is the centre from where I started seeing patients from outside our college in a completely different set up. I enjoyed a lot in this posting as I got to see a wide variety of patients from children to adult with all type of problems. I learnt a lot regarding cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder and how to diagnose and treat the children and adults with such disorders.

After this I was posted in a special school named ASHA Kiran special need School for two months and this centre taught me how to deal more intensively with children with autism spectrum disorder and children with learning disabilities. This place gave me lot of memories similar to those of my school days with just a simple difference – me being a teacher instead of a student.

After this posting I was posted in a hospital named as Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain hospital which was the first hospital I had worked in. Here God had given me the time to learn as much as I could. I used to work in a unit named Smile Train which dealt with mostly patients who had maxillofacial anomalies i.e. cleft in the lips and palate. I got the opportunity to be with the famous surgeons of Bangalore and observe them during surgeries. In Smile train we used to do assessment as well give therapy sessions to those who have underwent maxillofacial surgery and have difficulty in articulation during speech.

At last, in my last two months of internship I was posted in one of the most prestigious institute of India, namely, National Institute of mental Health and neurosciences (NIMHANS). This was the centre which has left a deep and everlasting impact on me. This is the centre which has changed and given me a different perspective regarding our field and how exactly we can deal with the patients.

NIMHANS was the place where I got to learn many languages like Tamil, Telugu and Hindi fluently. I got to learn a wide variety of cases like motor speech disorders like Dysarthria and dysphagia, and neurological cases like Aphasia. NIMHANS – the place where my perspective regarding speech pathology had completely changed. I started developing more interest in speech disorders due to which I applied for my masters in both speech pathology and audiology instead of only masters in Audiology. In NIMHANS I learnt how to do an effective counseling to the patients and how counseling plays an important role in the treatment of the patient. I even got a chance of doing bedside evaluation for patients which is rarely done in other hospitals and centers.

At last I would like to conclude by saying that I had a lot of fun in doing my internship as I got to learn in both the fields, that is, speech language pathology and audiology. I had got the opportunity to see all types of disorders like misarticulation, fluency, cerebral palsy, neurological disorders and motor speech disorders. At last, I would thank God and my college for providing me with such an opportunity and giving me the abilities and capability to excel in all the centers I was posted at. This is a brief explanation regarding my Internship and my experiences in this period.

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