Internship at INDUSIND Bank – Beronica from ICFAI University

Internship at INDUSIND Bank

Strive for progress, not perfection. Beronica is pursuing MBA from ICFAI University and shares her experience of internship days.

Shillong being a small city doesn’t have many industries hence there was less opportunity for internship and job placement. Therefore, most educated people prefer to go to big metro cities and earn their livelihood.

Therefore, for me too getting that perfect organization for my internship in my own city  was not that easy. It was just a matter of two months hence I didn’t have a second thought of going out of my city and when I had that thought it was already too late.

I started with searching for a good organization to intern with. My priority was to do my internship in a bank as I was looking forward to start my career from a financial institution. Moving from pillar to post was really hectic.
Most of the private banks in Shillong have stopped entertaining interns and I didn’t want to do my internship at any nationalized bank.

After a long struggle I stepped into IndusInd Bank and asked the branch manager for giving me the opportunity to work as an intern in their organization but due to some communication gap, as I was from a finance background, the manager suggested me to go and approach IndusInd Bank, Consumer finance division (CFD)

As there was no more option and I had limited time, I registered for this summer internship program and finally landed up at IndusInd Bank Consumer Finance Division which deals with the loan segment i.e. providing loans to customers for purchasing vehicles or construction equipment.

My internship was only for two months and it spanned from 1st June 2015 till 31st July 2015. There was no such work given to me during that period as the manager thought that in two months no one would be able to learn much and hence stipend was nil but I was told that I needed to be regular to the office. Some of the staff members had assigned me some work and such work included filling in the details of the customer in the application form or helping in rearranging the customer’s documents.

Though I was not given much work but within those two months I’ve been able to learn a lot about their work culture and the kind of work they do.

The mischievous thing that I’ve done within these two months was hacking the wifi password of the organization and enjoyed browsing, downloading, updating apps, chatting incessantly until one fine day when my manager inquired from a staff member regarding the internet data which got exhausted too soon this time. That day itself the manager went and changed the wifi password and since then I didn’t dare to use the wifi network again although I knew the new password.

The report that I’ve prepared within these two month was based on “The study of commercial vehicles and construction equipment’s financing in Meghalaya”. Learning comes mostly through experience. So guys don’t miss any internship opportunity.

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