Internship at ITC Kolkata – Siddharth from Xavier’s Institute of Management

Internship at ITCHis love echoed in his work. Inspite of going through a tricky road, he managed  to succeed in his work. No matter how the world perceives us, what matters is, that how do we perceive ourselves. 

My internship story was a roller coaster ride and a bag full of mixed emotions. There was a lot of highs and lows in these 2 months as I also had a breakup. There I got to know how to manage my stuff and come out confidently under pressure and frustrations. These 2 months taught me something about human behaviour and that is when you are in extreme pressure you tend to do more work and find out solutions more rapidly.

As the train tip-toed its way into the Howrah station I got down into the “City of Joy” my hometown with only one dream and that is getting a PPO (Pre-placement offer) never knowing the intentions of what this city had for me in its kitty . Hello, everyone, I am Siddharth Gupta purusing my PGDM in Marketing from Xavier’s Institute of Management, Jabalpur and I did my internship from ITC Ltd Kolkata. Being a Kolkatan by birth and a foodie by habit I choose my hometown to do my internship just to spend some time with my family and my sheer love for Bengali food and sweets.

So my internship at ITC was basically doing surveys of the retailers selling ITC stationary products to know the distribution gap, comment and give suggestions for the same. So for this I had to wander the streets of South Kolkata in the sunny afternoon filling up questionnaire and getting drenched with sweat and the icing on the cake was the untimely phone calls of my girlfriend while doing my work. Being a spontaneous and a faithful boyfriend I had to pick up her calls and nag with her talks. Time was passing by and with time our relation was also getting deteriorated but as it was the need of the hour. I had to concentrate more on my internship than her. So coming back to my internship there was a lot of competition in the firm as I was not the only intern there. There were interns from different colleges around the country, so for making a mark there I had to be noticed and for that I had to be good because as the proverb goes “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” So going by this I did a lot of smart work instead of hard work as the latter is an old school which gained me some popularity as well as jealousy from my peers.

On one hand, there was pressure from my girlfriend to give her time whereas on the other there was pressure from my boss to deliver good work. However, I completed my work in time and submitted my report which was very much appreciated by the jury. They also implemented some of my suggestions which were a very big deal for an intern. With a certificate of appreciation in my hand I was very eager to deliver this message to my girlfriend that’s when I came to know that she is breaking up with me. I was having mixed emotions that whether I should be happy for my certificate or I should be sad for my break up.

Nevertheless, I was happy to know that I can work under stress and that was a big achievement for me as corporates now look for guys who can work and perform under stress. So these 2 months taught me a lot about how to handle stress, life and girlfriend and what not. How to do during a relationship, how to tackle your worldly problems and come out with flying colours. So this was all about my internship story and hope you like it and gain some tips from it because I had gained a lot.

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