Internship at BHEL – Sohan from PESIT

Internship at BHELIn this whole wide world, we get distracted easily and it gets difficult to give shape to our plans. Sohan ensured that no obstacle can alter his aim and he succeeded in achieving what he aimed for. 

An internship can term as – ‘a short task or a work experience’. It is a platform for the students who really want to know what’s there for them in the fields in which they are studying. It is usually taken up during the summer vacations for a short period of time during which we can learn some really interesting stuff. I was really excited during my vacations to get an internship. I also started browsing the web to get me an internship. I tried many other sources too. I never wanted to get an internship just for the sake of a certificate nor in order to improve my profile. I wanted to learn some ‘hardcore mechanical stuff’.

And then, finally came the day when I got an intimation from the HR of BHEL to intern at their campus in Bangalore. There I was! Completely ecstatic. I had the privilege to intern at BHEL for a period of one month during summer. First of all, I was very apprehensive about what I would do there. I was like a young lad in between highly trained professionals. I was totally petrified when I reached their campus. It was my very first time in a company. I arrived well before time to this vast campus. There I was, in a huge building surrounded by machinery and computers, which made my jaw drop and eyes pop. People were busy all over the place. I was really very enthusiastic and I knew that this was the place I was aiming for. I wanted to learn every possible thing I could from this internship. It really mattered a lot to me. I am a kind of person who never likes to miss even a single detail.

Then, within a short span of time, I was with my Internship Supervisor, Mr. Ajay K., who greeted me and told me what I was supposed to work on. He took me for a short tour over the campus and showed me the machinery and equipment. He also explained me the details of each and every single machine. I was even briefed about my project and was asked to follow all the safety regulations while handling the heavy machinery.

It was a challenging task, but I was ready to give my 100 percent. I started working on my project on a full-time basis. It was an awesome experience to be out there in between those machines and know what is really happening inside. I was given the correct amount of freedom and information while working on my project. The people over there were very helpful and kind. The work culture was fantastic.I also made some really great friends over a period of time. I experienced a sense of responsibility while working over there. I used to go at 9.30 in the morning and come back at 8.30 in the night. It was a very flexible timing and I almost got used to that. It was never boring and hectic out there. Every single day was a different experience for me. I was developing my technical skills. It was like doing the things practically what I had previously studied during my course. I was exposed to a sound professional culture through this internship.

Doing an internship gave me a hands-on experience. I completed my project successfully and was appreciated by my colleagues. It was truly a blessing in disguise for me to be appreciated by the professionals. I thanked them for giving me this opportunity. I never wanted this internship to get over as I had enjoyed every single bit of it.

This internship had a huge impact on my life. I developed a positive outlook over a course of time. It had taught me to be punctual, responsible and goal-oriented. I had the experience to work with a team. I mingled around with people and I will never forget them. I would like to convey a message to all the people who would like to intern or do a job- ‘ENDURANCE, PERSISTENCE, AND WILL-POWER is the key to a bright future’.

This was just a jist about my experience when I had interned. Few things and experiences cannot be just jotted down. You have to feel and enjoy the work that you do.

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