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Internship at IIT DelhiSometimes it’s okay to lay back, look at the ceiling and remind yourself from the inflated lungs, that it’s okay if everything is not perfect, things aren’t always meant to be the way we planned. What life is about if not the mistakes and lessons that we learn through them. Prachi struggled in her way in earning an internship but finally she made it up to the top. 

I am a final year B.Tech, ‘Y’ course student, from ‘X’ university. As everyone does, I also had to go for an internship for 2 months. Well, since I am not disclosing the name of my university and the course I am enrolled in; hence, it might be difficult for you to realize the difficulties, I faced. So, as you can’t imagine my situation, just go by my words “It was strenuous and painful”. Now, I am going to share my story. I will start from when I was searching for an internship because the internship duration was like a bed of roses, but the struggle to get there was a garden of thorns hallucinated by roses.

To me, Internshala is a venture providing internship resources to students. I have been a member of it since long. During initial months of the year 2015, I planned to search for internships in some quality institutions and then apply to them with the hope to get a satisfying offer. Then, most of the help I got was through the internshala; the links to those institutions, their internship details, application form etc. I applied, and then I sat relaxed with the hope to get at least one positive response amongst. Maybe that was my mistake, to get relaxed without any backup plan. Since, I had no idea what I can do other than just applying, I sat idle. But, when results were out, and I couldn’t find anything, I was traumatized. I felt like I have lost everything. I was standing on a road in a dark night, where there was nobody to show me the path. And as the time for an internship was coming nearer, I was becoming more and more hasty. This agitation had frozen my mind.

Peers were too good to block even single positive thought to get into my mind through them. My respected professors were directing me to look forward to one and the other things. Everyone was giving their own suggestion in their comfortable zone. No one was there to help me out to make a choice. Neither could I find anyone unimpeachable enough to make a choice for me. At the end of the day, I was bare. The time was even closer. I was like a volleyball, everyone transferring me to each other for help and I felt like being in a hoop, reaching nowhere, getting nothing. It was the lowest of the low times, I went through. Then by the mercy of someone who corresponded me to the one I was looking for made me feel enviable. Finally, I got into a reputed organization, and I felt contented. Now, the story went into a beautiful phase.

The internship was fabulous. I liked it, I learned, I did perform well. They also felt happy to have me as a part of their group. It is a whole interesting story in its own.  All the members were so caring and helpful, they were like a family. This was their best quality: diversity but integrity. I also felt like a part of that family. I wish I could have continued longer. I learned not only from my work but also from their work because they didn’t treat me like a junior but as a friend and helped me whenever I was stuck. I felt fortunate to get into such a place. I earned not only experience but also memories that I will carry through. They gave me a marvelous farewell. It feels good to recollect everything. Thank you Internshala and characters of this story for giving me an experience.

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