Internship at Readers’ Club of Delhi – Vallari from Miranda House, DU

Internship at Readers' Club of Delhi

It’s said that books are your best friends and one who love books can find their wardrobe in them. She interned as a book reviewer and struggled to write her first piece, but, it was not the end rather just a beginning. Gradually she found her silver lining in the cloud of excellence and made her way to the top.

I am a third-year student pursuing sociology from Miranda House. Unlike my friends, I am still clueless about my career choices. I am a person who likes to try her hand at everything. Be it marketing, counselling or even writing a story for a super cool contest in my banal English. I strive to be a jack of all arts, trades, pursuits and often end up being master of none! A friend of mine who is familiar with this adventurous and experimental side of mine, told me about Readers Club of Delhi, a community that plans to bring all the book lovers together on a common platform. Though there were many vacancies available, I applied to work as a book reviewer. Being born and brought in a family of artists & academicians, books are something I feel most comfortable with. Hence, the choice.

I mailed my CV and couple of write up samples and the very next day, I received a message stating that I’ve been selected. It was not my first internship. Nor was I going to be remunerated but I had never been so excited. What excited me was the fact that I’d be doing something that will not only challenge my potential but reinforce the habit of reading real, paperbacks which got lost somewhere as soon as I laid my hands on my swanky smartphone. I was supposed to read the books assigned to me (at times I also had a choice. Yay!!) Rate & review them and prepare interview questions for the authors. Sounds like a cakewalk, right? It wasn’t. Though I claim myself to be a bibliophile, I had never done this before. Never read a book so analytically and deeply as to review it. I had been a girl who’ll get lost in a book imagining herself to be one of the characters and be in hangover once the book gets completed.

The first book that was assigned to me was quite simple in terms of language and story line, but I just couldn’t make my review, review like. Whatever I wrote appeared more like a summary than a review. Hopeless and frustrated, I contacted a professor cum friend of mine, who in spite of his hectic schedule, took out time for me, made a few corrections in my piece and advised me never underestimate my potential. His advice and words of encouragement did wonders for me. When I started working on the second review, things seemed smoother. And as I moved on to third, fourth and fifth review; I started enjoying it, liking it, loving it. I started getting appreciated not only from my family and friends but also from my mentors. I felt as if I became a seasoned book critic, critiquing for Times Literary Supplement, London! This inculcated in me the confidence which I had been lacking all my life. I applied to more internships/contests, got shortlisted, selected and was also remunerated for some. One door opened up many doors.

So far my experience with Readers club of Delhi has been a memorable one. I am still writing for them and very soon I also plan to intern at their other communities like Foodstruck and The Indian watchdog. Though my bosses at times took a lot of time to upload my pieces, I’ve no complaints and grudges against them. All I wish is if they could remunerate me a little for the lot of efforts I put in and lot more patience I am expected to have until my reviews finally get published. Hehe..just kidding.*

* They might be reading it, you know and may get moved to send a cheque as a mark of appreciation for my book reviews :). There’s nothing wrong with wishful and wistful thinking. What do you say?

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