How I found a meaningful internship after struggling for three years

how-i-found-a-meaningful-internship-after-struggling-for-three-yearsAbout the Author: Manisha Panchal is pursuing M.A. in Economics from JNU, Delhi. She recounts how she struggled for three years before finally finding a meaningful internship and also provides some useful tips for internship aspirants.

It all started when I joined JNU for post-graduation and was looking for internships. During graduation, I had struggled unsuccessfully for three years to find an internship on my own. Only a few of my classmates who had some ‘contacts’ in companies were able to find an internship. I wasn’t aware of online platforms back then, but during my M.A. one of my fellow classmates recommended Internshala to me. I didn’t want to waste two more years of my life in another futile attempt of finding a meaningful internship. Thus, with some apprehension, I finally registered on Internshala. I simultaneously created my accounts on other similar sites as well, but the response that I got on Internshala was way better. The process was transparent and the well-organized categories and options were easy to use.

However, I didn’t get hired right away. For the first couple of months, I kept applying to different positions but couldn’t get through. I was looking for an economics related research profile, but either the companies required someone who had an MBA or the work profile was not good. I was also not clear about the way I should answer the why should you be hired question in the beginning. After reading some articles, I realized my mistakes and prepared new answers.

I applied for a full-time internship in Sunil Healthcare Limited during March 2016 and got selected in May 2016. First, I was shortlisted for the preliminary interview round. The interview tips given on the Internshala blog, along with few other articles which I had read on the internet, helped me prepare for the interview. After the interview, I was given a research task for the next round which I completed successfully. Then, I gave a detailed presentation on the completed task in the second round of interview. Finally, I was hired for the position of Market Research Trainee. The stipend offered (15K) was really cool for a fresher like me. On the first day of office, I was very nervous. However, people in the office were really nice and helpful, and I enjoyed my first day in the office. I was given a variety of responsibilities to handle. I also got the opportunity to visit Rajasthan and Punjab for my research. Travelling to new places and cities all alone was a new experience. It was a great market exposure for me, and I learnt a lot.

I was given a comfortable space to work. Adhering to deadlines and office timings helped me become more punctual and sincere towards my work. The whole office celebrated my birthday together and gave me a sweet farewell too. I also received great appreciation from the Chairperson for my research. I’d never thought that an intern could also get so much importance and responsibilities. These two and a half months changed my perspective towards many things in life. I gained the much-needed self-confidence and started believing in my capabilities. I’ll cherish these moments for the rest of my life.

This would not have been possible without the support provided by Internshala; it gave wings to my dream. To all the students who are struggling to find good internships – I advise you to try Internshala once. You should also have clarity about the kind of work you want to do; don’t compromise on that. It may require some time and patience, but you would get an experience that would help you grow by leaps and bounds.

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