I will spread happiness with my first stipend!

My First Stipend Winners - SiddharthName: Siddharth Jain

College: IIM Bangalore

Interned at: Coca-Cola

How will I spend my first stipend?

Recently, I came across a news item from the Latur District in Maharashtra, where Section 144 was invoked owing to the water crisis in the district. This was enough to showcase the rising inequality in our country; buildings are being built with multiple swimming pools in the same state where due to drinking water crisis there exists a law and order situation. This was scary given that it is still a prelude to the hot summer season ahead when the situation will exacerbate.
So, I have decided to make cold drinking water available for free through water facility (pyau) in the city where I’ll be interning. Thus, it would truly be the right use of the stipend amount by rightfully being able to “spread happiness “- the motto of Coca-Cola, where I’ll be interning.

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