How I got hired as an Android developer intern

How I got hired as an Android developer internAbout the Author: Anmol Agrawal is pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He recounts his experience with Android training on Internshala, and how he got hired as an Android developer intern.

Being the son of a senior Android Developer, I always had the urge to develop Android apps. I knew Internshala offered some great internships, but I didn’t know that they also provided training on latest technologies like Web development, Android App development, Raspberry Pi etc. I came to know about this from my friend who recommended Internshala’s training programs to me. I only had 6 weeks for this, and luckily, Internshala’s training program was also of the same duration.

I was still a bit skeptical, and so I thought of taking the advice of the person who was best suited for this. Yes, I asked my father and, to my surprise, he advised me to go ahead with the training without any second thoughts. He said, “Don’t think so much – if it’s from Internshala, it has to be good.”

I registered for the program and there were multiple date slots to choose from. I started the program in February and it was properly structured. The difficulty that I had faced earlier with some of the other online courses or YouTube videos was to get the best guidance in the easiest and convenient manner – something that won’t bounce off my head. Therefore, Internshala’s training program came as a big relief! The program was divided into four parts, each with a higher difficulty level, and a small problem statement was put up at the end of each module to brush up your learning. Whenever I faced any problem, Internshala’s support team was there to guide me. They even offered me to extend my program duration in case I was unable to complete it during the allotted timeline, which was really kind of them. At the end of the program, I was finally able to develop basic Android apps. Moreover, I was able to figure out the correct resources available online for further enhancing my skills.

To top it all, I recently got hired as an intern Android developer by a leading company and that too through Internshala platform! Internshala’s certification has a lot of value and the companies may prefer you if you have one. It sort of gives you an extra edge over others.

Thank you, Internshala, for shaping up my career and giving me the head start which most of the naive students lack. You will always be at the top of my priority list when it comes to referral of online training programs to my friends and relatives.

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