Content Writing Internship at Womenite – Priyamvada from Delhi University


About the Author: Priyamvada Rana had an eventful tenure as the content writing intern at Womenite. Read on to find exciting details of her journey.

The first year of college introduced me to Internshala, but it was only in my final year that I got my dream internship. The wait was worth it as I had secured a content writing internship at Womenite – a social platform working for women empowerment. Since I was a theatre artist in college, I had an inclination towards addressing social issues. Writing for a social startup like Womenite exciting and motivated me to do something besides studying!

My submissions for the shortlisting task were appreciated, and so I was called for an interview at a cafe in Connaught Place. As it was my first interview, I was extremely nervous and spent the night anticipating the possible questions that could be asked. To my surprise, a young woman arrived as the interviewer. It was more of an informal meet where I was expected to be open and expressive about myself and the work that I did. My creative bent of mind made them consider my application. I was finally a part of the editorial team at Womenite.

Initially, my work profile encapsulated writing posts on feminism and other social themes. I read the editorials and news to widen my outlook. Within a month, everybody who joined with me left the internship as for them the ‘learning period’ was over, but I still wanted to grow and discover the zenith of my potentials. Despite the increasing work pressure from college, I decided to stay with my Womenite family. During the same time, the chief editor fell sick. This gave me the opportunity to handle more work like managing the Facebook page, promoting events, and posting on the official website. I also worked for a U.N project through the course of my internship. My work for Womenite was selected for an Indo – Pak peace project campaign, which also boosted my writing profile significantly. Apart from this, the internship also gave me the confidence to send many of my poems for world recognised international poetry events.

This internship brought out the best in me by honing my editorial and marketing skills. After two months of a great learning opportunity, I was appreciated for my contribution and enthusiasm. My hard work,dedication, and passion seemed to pay off when I got my Letter of Recommendation and certificate. What I took back with me were a bunch of memories, good habits, a morale boost, and a collection of all the work that I had penned down for the organisation.

Womenite gave me the opportunity to explore the budding writer that was hidden inside me. It motivated me to write more, explore the literary horizons and technicalities, and express a problem fervently. I am thankful to Internshala for keeping all the youngsters posted about the latest internships.

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