Internship at Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd. – Rishabh from NIT


About the Author: Rishabh Kumar Mogha, from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra (NIT-K), takes us through the exciting life of a mechanical engineering intern at Sona Koyo Steering Limited Ltd.

The successful operation of any internship depends on the combined efforts of several resources like knowledge, inspiration, and energy. I found myself very fortunate to get my internship at Sona Koyo Steering System Ltd., Dharuhera. It was a golden opportunity for me to get an exposure at such a renowned company, where discipline and quality are the main mottoes. The officials and the workers of the firm provided me with the best of their knowledge.

I applied for the internship through my brother’s friend. I was soon called for the interview, which was scheduled with the HR Head Mr. Manoj Jugran and Ms. Bhawna. After a few questions regarding my academics and family background, questions from my favourite subject (Strength of Materials) were also asked. This was followed by an aptitude question which I quickly answered. Finally, I was asked to join from 1st June for my 45-day training. Self-determination and knowledge are crucial for any interview. Truthfulness will make your way clear; don’t ever give any false information if you don’t have knowledge regarding the same.

I reached the office and was sent to the DOJO (a training area). There were three of us in the group. Initially, we did our training in DOJO about the basic working and the various rules & policies of the company. Over there, we also learned about the safety techniques and critical parameters. This was followed by a fun quiz to test how much we had learnt. On the second day, we learnt about the various forms and standard work charts. Next, there was practical work pertaining to ‘Pokayoke’, which is the electrical or mechanical interlocking provided to machines in the form of proximity, photo sensor, and pick-up sensors or load cells. This stops the machine in case of any quality problem or malfunctioning without any application of operator skill. We also learned about “Total Productive Maintenance”. Sona Koyo has a shared market of India and Japan, so there were so many Japanese words which we had to learn like Kobetsu Kaizen (Individual Development), Seiketsu (Standardization), and Shitsuke (Self-discipline) among other words.

After the training, we were sent to our respective departments; I was given the production department where I had to study the methodology and working of the input shaft of PV Assembly of the HPS (Hydraulic Power Steering). I worked on the Automobile model of Scorpio/Bolero. I also managed to get in touch with the entire assembly lines on different steerings like HPS and CEPS (Column Electric Power Steering). I also worked on a project based on the rearrangement of the input shaft line of CEPS.

I encountered efficient learning as my mentors were extremely helpful and encouraging. My internship was an extremely successful one; the company was really happy with my work. Finally, I received the internship certificate at the end of 45 days along with tons of memories and lessons to cherish.

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