A guide to learning new skills without worrying about short attendance

A guide to learning new skills without worrying about attendanceAbout the Author: Mexson Fernandes is pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, Panipat. He joined Internshala VTC for Web Development training and shares how he was finally able to learn new skills without worrying about his short attendance.

How I met Internshala VTC:
Being a robotics enthusiast and a passionate coder, I like to learn the various intricacies of my field. To gain a better understanding of advanced topics, I thought of enrolling myself for a training. I’m a second-year student and there are limited numbers of holidays in our university. It’s not possible to miss classes because of the strict attendance rules; short attendance means one has to give extra exams along with paying a hefty fine. Thus, I had to drop my plan of getting trained from coaching centers. The only option I was left with was watching YouTube videos. However, there were too many irrelevant videos on YouTube on those topics and most of them overlooked the basics. So, it was very difficult to understand. One day, while searching for more avenues of learning on Google, I came across the phenomenon of virtual/online training programs. At that point of time, I had no idea which online channel was the best in the market. Since I loved using Quora platform, I asked my first question there, anonymously, regarding online training. The fellow Quorans really helped me and provided detailed reviews and recommendations. After many positive reviews, all my doubts were solved and I joined without any hesitation. Yes, you guessed it right – I joined Internshala VTC.

Learning Experience:
I signed up for the Web Development training program since I wanted to make my own website. I was happy that I would receive professional training and my attendance was also not going to be affected. Coming to the program, it is designed in such a compact manner that one would definitely complete it before the deadline, after getting hands-on experience. The program is divided into different modules and each module is given a suitable deadline so that you get enough time at the end to ask any problems you might have. Since the training is self-paced, you can always plan and prioritize your schedule. The support team always has your back – even the smallest doubts are cleared through forums and live chat facility. Sometimes, I even asked some silly doubts but they didn’t mind and explained promptly. At the end, there is a final exam too. One gets the certificate only after clearing that.

What you get afterward:
• At the end of the training, link of a PDF file is provided which contains all the topics taught during the training for future reference
• Links are provided for all the software that are needed during the course
• Some videos are also given where it’s necessary to visualize the topic
• Links to additional resources (websites and books) are also provided for deeper insights into the topic
• Completing the training has a significant impact on one’s resume. Many companies prefer students who have done a training from Internshala VTC

Thank you, Internshala for shaping my career in the right path. I’m grateful for the skills that I’ve learned. Now, I’ve got the ability to make any website of my choice.

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