60 Days of Summer – How I discovered myself

60-days-of-summer-how-i-discovered-myselfAbout the Author: Deeksha Anand is pursuing BBA in Marketing from Jagannath International Management School, Delhi. She shares how she spent her summer break in discovering her real interests through different internships.

Semester break is normally too long and your family refusing to a summer trip makes it even worse. That’s what happened with me because of which I started looking for an internship. Unfortunately, my health didn’t serve me right and I got really sick which was extremely depressing as I was not able to go out much and often used to feel nauseated.

One day, while I was surfing on the internet, Internshala came as the God’s blessing to me. It was offering ‘work from home’ internships which I hadn’t thought of before. As I was just in the first year of my BBA, I wasn’t sure about the field that would suit me. I had done part-time blogging stints previously and was pretty confident that I could handle a content writing internship from home, and thus my search commenced. After few initial rejections, I started getting positive responses.

One morning, I got an email from Internshala stating that I was hired as a content writer for a startup Second Shed. It was an unpaid NGO internship but I was eager to work as it was for a good cause i.e. animal safety. I worked for them for four weeks and delivered 8 blogs. Those guys were super fun and supported me throughout. They used to publish my articles on their website and Facebook page which made it even better. I shared those posts on my profile and received praises from my friends and acquaintances. I also received a certificate and the letter of appreciation before the internship ended.

I was happy; however, I had another long month ahead of me. My search for a meaningful internship resumed and this time I applied only for the internships which provided a good stipend as I was broke. I was shortlisted by the company CATalyst. I had to submit two articles on the relevance of newly formed IIMs and on the pros and cons of CAT vs GMAT. They liked my work and I was called for a personal interview. I reached their office and realized that the staff member who called me was an alumnus of my college and he made me feel very comfortable. I cleared the interview and started working but maybe destiny had other plans for me. They wanted me to write factual write-ups for helping MBA aspirants whereas I was more inclined towards creative writing. After working for a week, I realized that I was in a wrong place and they felt the same. We decided to end it on mutual terms.

Towards the end of my vacation, I was satisfied with the confidence and certificates that I had earned and started gearing up for the new semester. Surprisingly, I was shortlisted by the company Billionaire’s Club, for which I had applied some time back. I was asked to submit a write-up on ‘Game of Carrom’ which they really liked. They were opening a new resort and wanted me to work as their website content developer. They were also offering a handsome stipend! I was delighted that I could finally pursue my hobby along with earning a good income. Since then, I’ve been working with them and enjoying this journey.

Now, I’ve realized that writing is my forte and would love to see myself making a career out of it. Thank you, Internshala for providing all these opportunities. I’ll always cherish these 60 days of summer.

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