I learned Android while attending college every day. Here’s how I managed both.

i-learned-android-while-attending-college-every-day-heres-how-i-managed-bothAbout the Author: Preeti Rana is pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. She joined Internshala VTC for Android training and shares how she successfully managed both the training and her regular college.

There are two major viruses that infest an undergraduate’s mind when the vacation starts. Any guesses?
Well, the viruses are – “industry-relevant training programs and internships”.

As finding internships is a tough job for rookies, they like to stick with the training programs. The main dilemma that comes into the picture then is whether to go for offline training or online training. I faced the same dilemma but instead of choosing one, I forgot about both. I wasted my whole summer vacation enjoying with my family and did nothing like training or internship. Everyone in my class had done some or the other certified training, except me. I started panicking and blamed myself for not doing anything worthwhile during vacations. But then, an angel came and whispered, “Preeti, it’s not too late. You can still begin your training.” (Okay, it was my friend who advised me that, but he was no less than an angel for me at that moment!)

Now, this time I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go for the offline training as managing both college and training center would be very hectic. I opted for online training, but there were a number of sites to choose from and I didn’t have any clue. Then, again, that friend suggested Internshala Virtual Training Center (VTC) to me. I had never heard this name before. So I googled it, read about it on Quora, and went through student reviews. I was satisfied after my research and decided to opt for the Android training program. However, it was for 4499 bucks at that time. It was quite a large amount for me and I spoke to my father. After 3-5 days, there was an offer on that training program and it was available for only 2499 bucks. Luck was on my side and it felt as if the universe wanted me to learn Android development through VTC. Thus, I finally registered for the training.

I was quite anxious in the beginning as I had doubts about managing both the college work and training. Also, Android was totally new for me and that added to my stress. However, after 3-4 days, I felt quite at ease. The complete setup of the training was very comfortable. They provided us all the things that we would need while learning. The notes they provided were written in simple English and the concepts were explained nicely. I really liked the idea of dividing the whole training into four modules. My strategy was simple – complete a module every week. And I finished the whole training in a month. Yes, I faced some difficulties while working on Android Studio, but it didn’t affect my flow. I completed the training with 85% marks. I was really happy that I successfully managed both my college and training at the same time. It did require some extra efforts, but, in the end, it was totally worth it!

Now, I’m looking forward to doing Web Development training from Internshala VTC. I’m sure that before the year ends, this rookie will have gained not only these industry-relevant skills but also a couple of meaningful internships.

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    mam i m very new to this internship site but i m very interested to take a chance and learn something new please help me how to start? what to do ?

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    I think i am very late for this training.
    I am completed 2nd year from (information technology).


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