I couldn’t find a job in core engineering. Here’s how an online training helped me land my dream job.


About the Author: Apurva Bhalerao is a postgraduate in Mechatronics. She joined Internshala Trainings for Internet of Things training. She shares how an online training helped her complete her project and land a job in the core industry.

I was introduced to Internshala by a dear colleague of mine during my first job as a Sr. e-commerce executive which was not very relevant to the education I had pursued. The dream of getting into a core job seemed quite obscure and this led me to a lot of sleepless nights, stress, and dissatisfaction. During such a hard time, Internshala came into the picture which increased the probability of getting into core industry.

I was enlightened about Internshala Trainings when I received a mail regarding an offer for IDEMI (my college) students. I have been enraptured by automation and always aspired to fabricate automation into reality. I felt like the opportunity itself approached me and unfolded the path towards my aspirations. I spent no further time in enrolling myself for Internet of things (IoT) training program. The main aim to opt for IoT training was to be able to build a working project model for my postgraduate course in Mechatronics.

After a long wait of 15 days, the most awaited day arrived when the training actually began. Since I am from a mechanical background, the first few chapters proved to be the most thrilling, challenging, and brainstorming lessons for me. In the first module, I got a glimpse of the overall designing of web pages. The second module introduced me to the various components as well as the architecture of the BOLT IoT device. The very first experiment – “The blinking of the LED” – brought a great joy and a stupendous smile on my face. The third and the fourth modules were worth the wait. They presented me the CLOUD for the very first time. I did stumble a lot on the fourth module to connect my BOLT IoT device with the cloud, but then the BOLT forum came into the picture.

The videos were optimized in terms of time and knowledge which made them very interesting. The tests after every module kept me on my toes. The provided kit was of great help for practicing and improvisations. I was so indulged in the process that I used to be up all night experimenting, learning new things, and challenging myself daily. The BOLT forum was also very useful for solving doubts which gave the training program its customized touch.

I made a project based on IoT device ‘Arduino’ interfaced with ‘BOLT’ named “Automated watering system for agriculture” for my postgraduate course. It aimed to automate the irrigation system to provide adequate water required by the crop by monitoring the moisture of soil and climatic conditions on BOLT cloud. The complete data of moisture is accessible to the farmers on the mobile in a graphical form. I received an overwhelming response for my project because of the use of ‘BOLT’.

I have just completed my Postgraduate Diploma and got a placement in the core industry. While I was interviewed, I was informed by the HR that my resume was shortlisted since my post-graduation project was very relevant to the profile they were looking for. Waiting for my joining, I am building projects based on IoT for friends. I am also working on a tachometer which will store the data it displays for further optimization and analysis.

The training experience with Internshala proved to be a huge morale booster and I look forward to more experiences with Internshala in the near future!

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    LoT training how does it helps to civil engineering students. Pl clarify immediately.


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