Learn Python programming: Gamers and coders of the world, unite!


Have you ever seen an Iron Man movie and just wished to have such a marvel (pun intended) of technology at your dispense too? Well, keep on reading to know how Python will bring you closer to every tech-fantasy of yours.

It all started when Guido Van Rossum, a Dutch programmer, decided to build a hobby project during his Christmas vacation. He wrote an interpreter for the new scripting language he had been pondering over and named it Python (being a die-hard fan of Monty Python). Python is a high-level and general-purpose programming language. So what does that mean? It means that a Python code can run on a wide variety of applications and across multiple domains.

What makes Python so popular?
1. Interpretive language: The interpreter in Python executes the code (after translating it into a ‘bytecode’) in the machine, free of any errors. Languages like Java, C, C++, and Visual Basic are compiler based while Python is interpreter based. In layman’s terms, if you write a 100 line code in C and the 99th line has an error, your code won’t run but if you write it in Python, the code will be executed till the 98th line. This means that the programmer doesn’t have to start again all the way from the source code.

2. Portability: It is a cross-platform program, which means that it is compatible with numerous operating systems. And, because it is interpreted, the code doesn’t need to be re-written to be transferred to other programs. Python can also be extended to C and C++.

3. Object-oriented programming: While procedural-oriented programming lets you write simple and short programs, the object-oriented feature of the Python language lets you increase the complexity of programs. Handling extensive codes isn’t a big deal for Python!

4. PyGame: This Python feature is all the rage! Have you ever heard of Void Infinity or Pixelman? Well, these cool games were created using PyGame. So if you are starting out as a gaming programmer, PyGame is what you need in your life. What’s more? Even kids can create their own games through this program – it’s that easy!

Should I opt for a Python certification if I am just a beginner?
The answer is a big yes! Here are a few points that make Python totally user-friendly and easy to learn:

1. Open source: In the simplest sense, Python is open to all! In a world where most programming languages aren’t accessible and have licensing issues, Python is an exception. This also means that in case you want to get a drift of the software, there’s an abundance of Python tutorials for beginners.

2. Readability: The Python script is very easy and there are no stringent rules for syntax. This means that during a Python course and during coding, you won’t have to waste too much time on refining the code lines.

3. The ‘batteries included’ philosophy: This is the philosophy on which Python runs. What it basically means is that Python comes loaded with packages such as XML so that the user won’t have to go to other software platforms.

4. Standard Library: This library in Python is a huge database of all previously written codes. This means that anytime you hit a roadblock during coding, this library will come to your rescue. This also means that due to Python’s massive memory management, documentation becomes an easy process.

What are the careers that I can explore through Python? 
Well, a cool game developer is definitely one of them! However, there are many other Python jobs that you can explore through learning Python basics and beyond.

1. Data science: Owing to Python’s general-purpose nature and its standard library, analytical challenges become easy. As the data keeps getting bigger, Python’s object-oriented programming makes the task simpler. Python also has a library dedicated to data analysis called Pandas.

2. Software development: It is used as a support language by software developers. Moreover, being a Python developer facilitates project management, compilation, and testing.

3. Web development: Python’s standard library supports frameworks such as Django and FLASK. These are further used as protocols for internet and web development. Most back-end work during web development is done using Python.

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