How I unraveled the mysteries of IoT with an online training


About the Author: Minal Sandeep Firodiya, a student of Cummins College of Engineering for Women, talks about learning Internet of Things and building various IoT projects. 

One thing that constantly daunted me after my first year of engineering was the fact that I wasn’t gaining any practical knowledge. So, after much deliberation and discussion with my peers and teachers, I decided to learn a new technology. I googled the in-demand technologies and stumbled upon an article on Internet of Things and the futuristic transformation of the world through a vast internet network. I was intrigued by this concept and after some in-depth research into it, I started my quest to figure out a way to learn IoT without compromising my college studies and spending a lot of money. That’s how I came across Internshala Trainings and their support team answered all my queries about the training’s structure in detail. Once I was satisfied with the content structure of the training, I enrolled in Internshala’s IoT training.  

Once the training started, my excitement knew no bound. I didn’t have to travel back and forth, and I could learn IoT sitting in my hostel room at any time. Another advantage of the training was that it was for beginners and didn’t require any prior knowledge. I was provided with a BOLT – IoT hardware kit, which included the components required for the training. It was a 4-week program comprising 3 modules which revolved around the basics of electronics, cloud, analytics, sensor integration, and smart devices. The first module taught me how to build an IoT monitoring system by setting up a cloud-connected sensor network and visualising data collected by them. The next module talked about the key concepts of HTML and JavaScript along with the interface to build web-controlled apps. The last module was regarding clouds, APIs, and alerts wherein I learned the basics of Python. Each module had some experiments designed for a better grasp of the concepts and tests at the end of the modules.

During the training, I worked on different projects such as Environment Monitoring Application, which sensed the changes in the intensity of light, Internet Connected Alert System, which would help evacuate a place in case of an emergency, Web-based Temperature Data Logger for Pharmaceutical Companies, Automated Alerts over SMS and E-mail, and Glowing of LEDs. I also created my own cloud account using DigitalOcean and learnt to build a physical device that posted tweets automatically. The training gave me an extensive insight into the world of Internet of Things. I can now program R-Pi board using Python language and relate the BOLT embedded system with Raspberry-Pi and Arduino!

Currently, I am developing a project on Lighting System of a Refrigerator based on IoT, which I’m planning to present in the upcoming technical fest in my college. This project revolves around building a proof of concept for the lighting system of a refrigerator that uses data from an LDR and a push button. In simpler terms, I’d use the light intensity and button state to collect relevant data to decide the state of the fridge from the following.
1. Door open – bright and button released
2. Door closed – dark and button pressed
3. Door half open – dim and button released

Thank you, Internshala, for offering a full circle of opportunities from learning new skills to finding internships.

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