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Zomato, a global restaurant search and discovery app, is nothing short of a dream come true for the foodies and for those who can’t cook even if their life depended on it. Every month, Zomato connects 45 million users with 1.3 million restaurants across 24 countries, and to become the only food app one will ever use, it hires interns!

What are the types of internships at Zomato and who is eligible?
Zomato offers a variety of internships to students pursuing bachelors or masters in computer science or related engineering disciplines, design, and MBA across their offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Gurgaon. Students can look for internships across profiles such as graphic design, product design, content and copywriting, operations, web development, business development, etc. Zomato internships range from a duration of 1 to 6 months and offer a stipend of 10K – 25K.

How to apply for an internship at Zomato?
1. Apply onlineInternships – Zomato careers
Interested students can apply to a Zomato internship through their official careers page. You would be asked to upload a resume and write a cover letter while applying to an internship at Zomato.
2. Emailing the HR and employee referral – You can directly email your resume and a cover letter to the HR executive of Zomato. She’ll get back to you if your profile matches their intern requirements. You can also connect with employees at Zomato via LinkedIn and request them to refer you.
3. Internshala – Zomato posts internships across various profiles on Internshala quite often. You may apply to a Zomato internship by answering a simple ‘Why should you be hired?’ question.
4. Campus recruitment – Zomato hires interns from select few colleges like NID, NIFT, IITs, and NITs.

What after applying to a Zomato internship?
The Zomato recruitment process involves an initial resume screening followed by a telephonic and an in-office interview. For certain profiles like writing, web development, and business development, they may also ask you to submit an assignment, take an online coding test, or participate in a group discussion, wherein you’ll be given topics such as ‘Should gay marriages be legalized in India?’ and ‘Pros and cons of e-commerce.’

The technical interviews at Zomato are known for their grueling nature. The interviews revolve around database and algorithm, binary trees, the concepts of OOPs, database, and Java. Some sample questions asked in Zomato interviews are –
1. Can you tell us how to parse XML?
2. What are the advantages of object-oriented programming?
3. Write a program to calculate the angle made by the hour and minute hand of a clock.
4. What is a Shallow copy in Java?
5. What happens when an object is created in Java?
6. Design a snake and ladder game.
7. How would you implement a dictionary?
8. Find the sum of all the elements of a sub-matrix.

The HR interview questions are pretty similar for all the profiles. Some sample Zomato interview questions are –
1. If you could add or remove a feature in our app, what would it be and why?
2. Why do you want to work at Zomato?
3. Why do you think you’re a good fit for this role?
4. If you have three major tasks which are due at the same time, how would you manage your time?
5. What are your favorite restaurants?
6. What do you like about the Zomato website?

What to expect once your internship in Zomato starts?
Eat. Work. Eat. Repeat. Yes, that’s the routine interns follow at Zomato. You will be introduced to your team, your manager, and the senior employees at Zomato on your first day. At Zomato, you’ll get a chance to work with insanely-inspiring Zomans and an opportunity to work on an entire project of utmost significance. Zomato offers a pretty chill work environment and flexible work timings to its interns. A raw and vibrant workspace with bamboo dividers and recycled doors, the colourful office of Zomato, Gurgaon, has a cafeteria and a ping-pong table with cushions scattered around the office. While at Zomato, brace yourself for theme parties and table tennis matches. You’ll also have an unlimited supply of coffee and free food! Duh, isn’t that obvious!

A couple of pro-tips from ex-interns:
1. Don’t forget to brush up the concepts of web sessions and cookies if you’re up for a technical interview.
2. Practice a few puzzles before your face-to-face interview at Zomato.
3. If you’re applying to a design profile, know about their website and app in and out. Suggest some changes in their product and list a few things that you find commendable.
4. Follow Zomato’s Facebook and Twitter pages to keep informed about the latest Zomato openings.
5. Always be on time. Zomato values discipline intensely irrespective of its unconventional work culture.

For a closer view of a Zomato internship, you can read how Gaurav built his career as a UX designer and how Tanika explored her interests through their internships at Zomato.

Now that you have an understanding of Zomato’s hiring process and know how addictive life at Zomato is, what are you waiting for? Apply to the current Zomato openings here and have a wonderful meal internship experience.

Image credits – Zomato blog

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