48% Internships offer full-time jobs based on performance: Internshala’s PPO Internship Trends 2019 Report


Two of the major challenges India is facing today are skill-gap and unemployment. With constantly emerging technological advancements, the competition among students searching for job opportunities has also increased significantly. This poses a dire need for students to stand out among their peers in order to grab themselves the best of job opportunities. To achieve the same, students are aggressively working on improving their resume by learning new skills and adding valuable internship experiences on their resumes. 

Now, to get an edge over their peers, it could essentially help the students to understand the various hiring trends employers are deploying to recruit their future employees. One such trend is ‘hiring employees through internship programmes’. As per Internshala’s PPO internship trends report, 48% of the internships posted on Internshala come with a pre-placement offer (PPO) which means these internships offer job opportunities as per an intern’s performance by the end of the internship period. 

Recruiting future employees through internship programmes is a tried and tested technique among employers. This gives them a chance to hire fresh minds that bring new perspectives and ideas on the table as well provide them with enough time to test the interns’ competencies for the job as well as to see if the candidates are culturally fit for their organisation or not.

Now, to create awareness among students about the importance of PPO internships and how these could help them land the best of job opportunities, we have compiled this PPO Internship Trends report which talks about various facts revolving around internships with job offers. 

Stipend offered in PPO Internships
We initially talked about how 48% internships on Internshala present a performance-based job opportunity after internship completion. Now, let’s talk about the stipend offered in such internships. The report says that in the last one year, the average stipend offered in such internships was INR 8,000 per month and the maximum stipend offered was INR 85,000.

Salary promised for job position after internship completion
As per the report, the students who perform exceptionally well during their internships are offered a full-time position with the respective organisations and are offered an average CTC (the cost to company) of INR 3 Lacs per annum. And, the maximum CTC offered in the last one year was INR 11 Lacs per annum.

Popular fields offering PPO Internships
With a share of 50% internships, the field of Management provides the maximum number of PPO internships in various profiles including business development, marketing, digital marketing, human resources (HR), and operations. Management is followed by the fields of Media and Engineering with a share of 18% and 16% respectively. The various internship profiles in the field of Media includes content writing, blogging, social media marketing, copywriting, editorial, PR, photography, and video making and editing. And, the Engineering field offers opportunities in different branches of engineering including computer science (mobile app development, web development, software testing, programming, and so on), electronics engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering (CAD design, automobile engineering, industrial design, and so on).

Additionally, the report also states that PPO internships are highly popular in the metro cities and approximately 33% of the internship applications made by students are received on PPO internships. Identifying an opportunity here, in order to increase awareness among students about such internships and to bring massive employment opportunities for them, we launched the first edition of an Online Campus Drive in November 2018 and saw huge participation of 1500+ colleges across India. 

The Training and Placement officer of one of the participating colleges in the first edition of this drive, Mr Debraj Mitra of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Bhubaneswar, said, “Internshala is a one-stop platform for honing our students’ skills and providing them with practical exposure. It has really been a win-win situation for all the stakeholders. Last year, we participated in Internshala’s special initiative for placement of our final year students’ ‘India’s Largest Online Campus Drive’ where 5 of our students got selected for an internship with a job offer having average CTC of Rs. 4.1 Lac. We are really grateful to Internshala for making our students industry-ready.”

Seeing such positive response from both Training and Placement cells of colleges across India as well as the employers, AICTE and Internshala have launched the second edition, India’s Biggest Recruitment Fair which aims to bring employment opportunities for the Final Year students by featuring internships with job offers. The fair will include over 4000 internships in all the major fields including management, engineering, media, and design. The CTC to be offered after internship completion ranges from INR 3 Lacs to 10 Lacs per annum.

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