The final task of the internship is here!

Hello Campus Managers!

Here is the final video of the Campus Marketing and Sales Internship. Check out the video to know more :)

Here are the key takeaways from the video on the activity –

1. In order to confirm your participation for Tech Talk, please fill the google form by 26th January 2020, Sunday. You would find the form at the end of the blog.
2. After you confirm your participation, we will email you the PPT along with the other essentials for the Tech Talk by 27th January 2020, Monday.

Following is the evaluation metric that we will be using to assess your performance in the seminar activity –

1. A minimum of 20 students should attend your tech talk. As proof of the session, you will submit the attendance sheet of the students who attended your tech talk. We will be sharing the format of the attendance sheet with you along with the presentation.
2. You have to click and submit at least 5 images of the event from different angles to prove that the tech talk was conducted as per our instructions
3. The duration of this task is till 15th February 2020 i.e. to be rewarded with the completion certificate, you must host the tech talk in your college by 15th February.

Fill the form below to confirm your participation in the Tech Talk activity. In case, the form isn’t loading, then please click here.

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