Introduction to the MOST important task of the internship – Referral campaign

Hello Campus Managers!

Here is the 5th video in the series. In this, we have spent time training you about the upcoming, MOST important task of the internship on 8th and 9th January. Do you remember what it is? Check out the video to find out :)

To recap, here’s how the referral campaign will work –

  1. On 8th Jan at 6 P.M. we will share with you your unique link via EMAIL. The unique link shared in the email will carry your unique Campus Manager discount coupon code in it. You need to then share this unique link with your friends by online means like Whatsapp, Facebook, Email, etc. and by offline means i.e. by speaking to your friends in person in places like your college canteen, hostel rooms, classrooms, etc.
  2. All the students who enroll (i.e. purchase a training by making a payment) using your unique link would receive a 10% discount on the training program’s fee.
  3. Please note that we will be able to track your performance in the referral campaign only through your unique link. Thus, we will be able to track and reward you for only those enrollments or payments that are made by your friends via your unique link. Thus, please ensure that your friends pay using your link while sharing it both via online and offline means.

Here are the eligibility criterion for the stipend, internship certificate, and grand prize – 

  1. Stipend – for every student who enrolls in Internshala Trainings using your unique link, you would receive Rs. 250/- as a stipend. So if you make 10 referrals, you would get Rs. 2500/- as a stipend.
  2. Internship Certificate – Every campus manager who gets at least 1 successful referral OR conducts at least one seminar in the college will be eligible for the internship certificate. Self-referrals are not counted.
  3. Grand Prize – The top-performing campus manager with the maximum number of referrals will receive the grand prize of the iPhone 10R. Only those campus managers who have minimum 50 successful referrals will be considered for the grand prize and the top performer amongst them would be awarded iPhone 10R.

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