Introduction to Internshala Trainings – The e-learning platform from Internshala

Hello Campus Managers!

Here is the 3rd and last video of the day. This video will tell you more about Internshala Trainings and its offerings. This knowledge is essential for you to perform well in this internship. Enjoy! :)

To recap, here is your fun task

Link to Internshala Trainings –

Link to student stories – 

Go through both the links and WhatsApp us 

  1. Name of any 5 online trainings that are offered on Internshala Trainings that you think your friends or classmates would be most interested in AND
  2. Name of any 3 students whose stories are published on the 2nd link along with the names of trainings they did.

The deadline to complete this task is 12:00 noon tomorrow. The first 2 campus managers to complete this task correctly would receive a limited edition Internshala T-shirt as a gift! :)

One thought on “Introduction to Internshala Trainings – The e-learning platform from Internshala

  • January 3, 2020 at 10:31 PM

    Gathering some knowledge here, so thank you so much Ma’am.


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