How I built apps by learning Web Development and Python – thanks to Internshala Trainings!

Internshala Training's web development and python trainings

About the author: Sushant Kumar, a student at SJB Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, joined Internshala Trainings to learn Web Development and Programming with Python. He shares how the trainings helped him build apps.

While looking for ways to acquire new skills and build projects, I came across Internshala Trainings. Needless to say, I was sceptical at first. However, after I read the contents of the training I decided to opt for the Web Development training as it looked impressive.

I was new to coding and found it challenging to learn new concepts through traditional college lectures and books. However, the videos in the Internshala Trainings helped me understand core concepts with ease. The assignments after every module were the icing on the cake.

The first two modules of Web Development training – HTML & CSS and Bootstrap were remarkably interesting. I was working on my website along with the training and could see the website’s front-end being constructed from scratch in front of my eyes. After applying each ‘CSS’ property the changes happening in the pages were beautiful. I worked on the back-end part while learning SQL and PHP. The assignments in the SQL & PHP modules gave me a broad understanding of what happens in the back-end in real e-commerce websites, ranging from how the data is stored and extracted from the database to what happens when we click on the “Buy” button.

One day, I got the opportunity to implement the skills I learned in the Web Development training on my college project. I submitted the ‘e-commerce website’ as my HTML & CSS project and I won the best prize for the front-end design which was possible because of what I learned in the training!

After Web Development training, I enrolled for the ‘Programming with Python’ training where I learned the basics of python such as variables, lists, tuples, and dictionary. Furthermore, this training helped me understand object-oriented concepts. The best part was making a GUI with PyQt as it enhanced my knowledge about python. After completing both the trainings, I started building my applications, the most recent of which is the ‘rock paper scissor game’. Please click here to view the game.

Internshala Trainings Web Development courses

Internshala Trainings helped me build new projects and I know where I will go to learn more new skills as I had a great learning experience the first two times!

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