How an online Android app development training helped me design my first app

Learn Android App Development from Internshala trainings' Android App development training

About the author: Siddhant Poojary is a third-year computer engineering student at Rizvi College of Engineering. He completed an online Android app development training and went on to create his first food delivery app!

I got to know about Internshala while I was hunting for internships in my first year. When I came across the Internshala Trainings website, I saw a competition about Android app development. The competition involved learning Android app development from scratch and creating an Android app. The cash prize also provided some extra incentive. I mean, who wouldn’t want a prize for building something from scratch and learning side by side? That’s when I decided to enrol in it. My mother also supported me, and I began the exciting journey to developing an Android app. 

I always wondered about the huge number of Android apps available on Google Playstore and how people created those apps. I used to believe that the process would be too tiring and time-consuming, and it would need at least 10-15 people to create an app. But these doubts were cleared once I started my training.

The modules along with informative quizzes and assignments helped clear my doubts and strengthened my knowledge about Android app development. I liked how each concept was divided into respective modules and topics along with a test at the end of each module to quickly revise the concepts we just learned. Slowly but surely, I got the hang of creating multiple windows on an app and also dived deep into the inner workings of well-known worldwide applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp. I learned how these apps function on user inputs and the respective outputs the application gave them. 

The learning experience at Internshala Trainings was exciting. I loved the way the training was presented to us along with the page UI. If you get confused, you can post on the forum and you receive a response within 24 hours. The help button and helper text are situated just below the respective video/text chapter you are on.

Thanks to the training, I was able to create my own app. It’s a food ordering app inspired by well-known apps like Swiggy and Zomato.


Learn Android App design through Internshala Training's Android App development training
Siddhant’s app interface

Learn Android App design through Internshala Training's Android App development training

It feels good to have my name on the Android app development certificate which we receive after giving the final module test and completing the training. It’s also a great addition to my resume. Overall, I had fun and I would recommend Internshala Trainings to anyone who is looking to kick start their career or learn about Android app development.

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