How an online Creative Writing training helped me land my first content writing internship

About the author: Sumana Chakraborty, is a first-year Masters student at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU. She’s studying Agri-business Management (MABM). Sumana recounts how she did an online training in Creative Writing to improve her skills and improve her career prospects. 

I am a book fanatic, and it’s always been my dream to write. Unfortunately, I never received any formal training in writing. My writing always seemed to be a raw collection of thoughts, fantasies, and memories. The list of unfinished stories and drafts kept growing to the point where I had at least 8-10 stories awaiting completion.

When I was thinking about improving my skills, Internshala Trainings popped up with the exact training needed to help me. One of my seniors shared about Internshala’s trainings and I noticed the online Creative Writing course. I grabbed hold of this opportunity and applied for the training. My aim was to give some direction to my haywire thoughts and learn how to arrange them into written pieces worth admiring. 

Our trainer was Kulpreet Yadav sir. I was already familiar with him and his work. The way he thoroughly explained all modules while giving examples made the subject easier to learn. One of the best aspects of the training was the peer grading scheme. As part of this scheme, my completed assignments were evaluated by two of my fellow learners. This gave me an idea about the thought process of my fellow batchmates and also provided me with the opportunity to read a variety of written work. The whole process was anonymous. 

Learn Creative Writing with Internshala's creative writing training
Creative Writing training instructor – Mr Kulpreet Yadav

In a matter of six weeks, we learned about writing and editing fiction, non-fiction, advertising, and, screenplay writing along with some information on publishing. My personal favourite was fiction because I have always loved fiction and have strived to write fiction pieces. 

After completing the training, I now have a better idea of how to approach writing. I learned how to make a character sketch and build a story by giving it time and analysing it well. I have already started work on my individual projects by making character sketches. I am also writing a short story to assess my work, as suggested by Kulpreet Sir. The training has helped me become more confident as a writer. I strive to use the knowledge I acquired and improve my writing skills. 

I see this training as a big milestone in my career development. At an internship interview with Gorural Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd, I was asked about my writings after they saw my CV. I told them about my training experience in Creative Writing and the skills I acquired during it. They were impressed by it and hired me as a Content Writer. 

Today, I am immensely proud to announce that I have successfully completed my internship. I contributed to the marketing and promotion of their product and wrote articles on product-related topics they provided.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to Internshala Trainings for making this possible and giving my career a boost.

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    Respected sir,Iam A.GIRISHKUMAR (MABM)fristyear 2008-09 please give me , online course tiring

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      Hi Girish,

      Please visit to enroll for the training.


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    How to write an assignment in python programming langauge.

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    How to write a 1st assignment in internshala trainings python programming language

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      Hi Chandan,

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      You may please write us at if you have any queries related to training, assignment or projects. We will be happy to help you.

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    Thank you for sharing your career a content writing. keep sharing.


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