How I took advantage of the lockdown to turn a hobby into a skill

About the author: Sumit Kumar, a recent graduate in civil engineering from Ambedkar University, Lucknow, shares how he explored his interest in web development with an online training.

Although I am passionate about civil engineering, I have always had a keen interest in digital technology. So, when my exams got delayed due to lockdown, I had just enough time on my hands to learn about building web pages. I wanted to explore the A-Z of web pages including how they create a good user experience. One day, while scrolling through Internshala’s app, I saw a discount on Internshala Trainings, and I immediately decided to enrol in the web development training. 

The training was divided into four parts – HTML, Bootstrap, MySQL, and PHP. Although the entire training was engaging, I found myself most engrossed in the PHP module. I had to write code that would respond to every command of users, which involved a lot of decision-making and writing backend code that I found challenging as well as fulfilling. It boosted my confidence as a programmer because I started believing that if I can imagine something, I can make it happen as well. 

During the training, we were given different assignments to create web pages. To do that efficiently and to learn new things, I used to inspect codes of different websites that I visited and tried to implement some ideas such as carousel display and creative sign-up pages. This helped me evaluate if I had understood the modules well. If I had any doubts, I could easily get in touch with the teachers, which encouraged me to try new things. While I was experimenting with different features, I was also thinking about how to make my final project stand out. While going through the discussion forum, I realised that most students were making a website for an imaginary store. Around the same time, I came across this show called Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma, and I imagined a scenario where Jethalal moves his business online. So, I decided to create a website for Gada Electronics!


My earlier stint as a content writer had taught me that practice makes perfect. So, when I completed the web development training, I ensured that I kept practising so that I could become proficient in it. Initially, I worked on replicating existing websites by analysing their features and writing code for the same. Once I had successfully replicated a few websites, I realised that I had three skills that are required to run a website – creating content, designing a website, and driving traffic with SEO. So, I started working on creating one, and it’s currently underway. I want to run a website where I simplify the technical jargon used by brands so that they can make more informed decisions.

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