Visualising data and a new career path with an online training in Tableau

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About the author: Bhoomi Varshney is a final-year electrical engineering student. She shares her story of exploring the world of data analytics through an online training and an internship.

After an unsuccessful attempt at finding an exciting internship related to my field, I came across something called ‘data analytics’. There were many internships in this field on Internshala, which made me curious to learn more about it. Never having heard this term before, I researched about it on Google and learnt that it involved visualising data in the form of graphs, charts, dashboards, and stories. I found this quite intriguing and decided to give it a try. While searching about how to learn it, I came across the Tableau training by Internshala. I found the content to be systematic and decided to enroll in it.

During the training, I found all modules engrossing, whether it was dashboards, charts, or data filtration. I worked on projects such as analysing HR measures like salary, performance, and employee satisfaction. Simultaneously, I also practiced creating charts and dashboards regularly. I gradually progressed from the beginner to the advanced level, which taught me that anything can be learnt with determination, consistency, and perseverance.

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After the training ended, I started applying for internships in the role of business analyst. I was able to land one at The Sparks Foundation, an organisation that aims at bringing parity to education.The selection procedure for this internship consisted of an application form with generic questions such as ‘tell me about yourself’ and ‘why should we hire you’. Having a training certificate in my resume served as an added advantage.

During my stint at The Sparks Foundation, I was assigned a mentor on my first day who helped me progress through each week. I worked on tasks such as prediction of the iris data set, time analysis for Covid, exploratory data analysis, and stock market prediction using numerical and textual analysis. Whenever I had any query related to any task, I could reach out to my mentor and peers, which made the virtual experience as enjoyable as the offline one. 

Now that I have completed a training and an internship in this domain, I feel more confident about my career path. Many doors have opened for me, and all thanks to Internshala for that. 

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