From a science student to a digital marketer

About the author: Akshat Jain is a first-year MBA student who switched from science to digital marketing. He shares his experience of starting in a new field and his first experiences in the corporate world.

What inspired you to get into digital marketing?

Towards the end of my Bachelor’s in science, I had appeared for IIT JAM. I was, unfortunately, not able to crack the exam, which disheartened me for a while. So, after graduating in the middle of the pandemic in 2021, I considered other science-related options like Master’s in food technology and forensics, but none of them intrigued me. 

After this, I started talking to various connections, including a cousin pursuing an MBA degree. I have always been curious about how advertisements work and had done a bit of content marketing during my college, so she suggested that MBA might be a good option to consider. That’s how I realised that I was interested in marketing and advertising and decided to opt for an MBA in marketing. Moreover, I believe corporate life is dynamic, and there’s always something to learn, so MBA felt like the right route to take.

How did you land your first internship?

While applying for an MBA, I also decided to start exploring the corporate world early on. That’s when one of my friends suggested Internshala. In the beginning, I found it challenging to find an internship and was disappointed when I kept getting rejected. I had to research more on writing cover letters, appearing for interviews, and getting an internship. After facing some rejections and continuing to work on improving my application, I was finally able to land my first internship as a market research intern at Explorra Design Studio. 

What did you work on during this internship? Did you face any challenges?

During this stint, I researched our target audience and generated leads. This being my first internship, I faced the challenge of creating a work-life balance, but it was smooth sailing once I got used to it.

You are currently interning as a content writing intern. How did you get this internship?

Since I am pursuing a distance learning MBA program, I have more time on my hands. Therefore, I decided to keep interning to get hands-on experience and increase my chances of landing a job once I complete my course. 

After the market research internship ended, I received an invitation regarding an internship at RankSoldier Digital Marketing Agency. It was a writing internship, and I was very excited about it! After I accepted the invitation, I went through a screening test which consisted of writing content on various niches. As it’s an agency, it was pivotal to know how to write different kinds of content. 

What are your responsibilities in your current role as a content writing intern?

I am working as a HARO (Help a Reporter Out) writer. I answer queries from journalists and bloggers on behalf of many international clients in their fields of expertise such as real estate, digital marketing, and fitness. Beyond content writing, I am getting an overview of digital marketing and learning about various tools, such as Grammarly, Wordtune, Ubersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner. 

What has your internship experience been like?

Compared to my previous internship, this has been a more intensive internship as I have more responsibilities. As a result, I struggled initially, but once I got into the flow of writing, it got better. I might even get a PPO if I perform well! I am enjoying this internship so far, and I am thankful to my mentors for guiding me on my path.

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